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November 14th is the final day to sign up any/all 2019 Kindergarten students who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2019, for the 2019/20 Kindergarten Lottery.  The Sibling Priority list for the Lottery is only for 2019 Kindergarten students who will share at least one year of enrollment at Sequoia Elementary with their older sibling.   Please be aware that if you only have a 5th grader at Sequoia this year, and you will have an incoming Kinder student in 2019, the younger student is NOT eligible for the Sibling Priority list because they will not share a year here at Sequoia Elementary.  If you want to be sure you have your 2019 incoming Kinder on our list, please stop by or call the office, and we can check to be sure.  If you have not put your 2019 Kinder student on our list yet, please be sure to bring the student’s original birth certificate, your ID, and 2 forms of address verification to the office before November 14, 2018.

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Red Ribbon Week: October 22-26

Each year we honor the Red Ribbon Campaign in the month of October.  This year, Red Ribbon Week will be from October 22nd-26th.  Our focus during this time will be to help our students learn the value of making healthy choices while developing skills to stand strong against peer pressure.  You will see the students’ dedication to this message displayed all over our campus throughout the week.

The red ribbon is worn as a symbol to show strength in standing together against drugs and violence.  We will show our pledge to make healthy choices by wearing spirit attire that coincides with the daily slogan. The class with the greatest spirit wear participation will win a Popcorn and Otter Pop party.  Let’s show the Red Ribbon Campaign what the Sequoia Community is all about!



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Box Tops Reminder

Just a reminder that we are collecting Box Tops in order to raise money for our school.  Please turn in your box top collection to your child’s teacher by Friday 10/05/18, as we will be counting them over the weekend.  We will be announcing the winners soon thereafter!
Thank you so much for your participation and support!
Jolyn and Lupe
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School Picture Make-Up Day – 10/23

Tuesday, October 23, is School Photo Make-Up Day, and the 5th Grade Panoramic Photo will also be taken.

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Every Wednesday in October, Sorrento Walnut Creek  (be sure to like their FB page) will be hosting a dine out fundraiser for Sequoia Elementary School.  They will donate 30% of your bill to SPA!  Sorrento is owned by the Caturegli family, whose children attend Sequoia Elementary and Middle Schools, and is also part of the SPA Biz group.  Download the flyer for the dine out here.

Sorrento Walnut Creek
Countrywood Shopping Center
2064 Treat Blvd
Walnut Creek, California
(925) 938-3366

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Believe Kids Orders

Thank you to all the families and students who participated in this year’s Believe Kids catalog order.  If you forgot to turn in your order form on Friday it’s still OK to turn them in Monday.  I will be mailing all the order forms this week after reconciling the order forms.  As soon as we know a delivery date (in about 2 weeks) we will be letting you know via the eBlast and a flyer via backpack express.

Thank you again for your support!

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Benefit Mobile

Benefit Mobile

Sequoia Parents Association is now set up with Benefit Mobile as another way to passively raise money.  Benefit is “the mobile payments app that funds the things that matter most through everyday transactions.”  Use the Benefit app to check out at the register in-store or on the checkout page online. Paying with Benefit is faster, safer, and more rewarding than traditional payment methods. SPA earns 2% – 20% of the transaction total.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the app, or visit the website:
  2. Create a login and link your payment method
  3. Search beneficiaries by “School,” enter the zip code 94523, and select Sequoia Parents Association
  4. Now you’re set! Browse the retailers and the next time you are shopping with one of those retailers, do it through Benefit Mobile! All you have to do is purchase a card and use the card for payment. Rebates are sent to SPA.

For an instructional video on how this works, click here.

And here’s a link to SPA’s public page:

Thank you so much for your support!

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Lunch Schedule Clarification

Effective Thursday, 9/27, we have a new lunch schedule.

There seems to be some confusion regarding the new lunch schedule and how much time the children have to eat.  Since the start of this school year, the lunch/recess period had been 35 minutes total, which included time to eat and play.  The school staff recently changed the schedule to give the children more time to eat.  They also slightly modified what time each grade goes to lunch and arranged it so that each grade has lunch time first, then recess.  The overall time for lunch and recess remains 35 minutes for each grade.

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School Site Council Ballots

Thank you to everyone who accepted their nominations to be on the School Site Council.  The ballots went home today.  Please be sure to vote and return the ballot to school on Friday (9/28) with your child(ren).

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School Photos Now Available to View & Order

The school photos taken on 9/11/18 are now available to view and order online!

To view and order your students’ portraits, please go to the following website:

Once you are on the webpage, select Sequoia Elementary 2018-2019 UC from the “School” drop down menu. Then enter in your student’s 7-digit MDUSD ID number.

You can find your student’s MDUSD ID Number on his/her report card. Many of the kids actually know their own numbers, as they use them at school for buying lunch and for some computer logins. You can always call the school office (during their normal hours), and Maggie or Yvonne can look it up for you.

After you enter in the student ID number and click the blue Start button, you will be able to see your student’s image(s) at the top of your screen, with all of the package options listed below.

You are also welcome to schedule an ordering appointment at Creative Imaging’s studio. There, they can show you the images a bit larger, without the watermark, and assist you in placing your order. To schedule an ordering appointment, please call (925) 485-6025.

Please call or email Creative Imaging with any questions or concerns you may have.

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