Believe Kids Catalog Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 13th is the kickoff to our 2nd Believe Kids Gift Catalog fundraiser. The sale ends on Friday, September 30th. We had a short assembly in the MUR for all the students and there was a lot of excitement. The kids really loved the cookie dough and the prizes that they could earn. This is a great fundraiser that helps get our kids involved in earning money for Sequoia Elementary.

Every Wednesday & Friday morning we will have a table in front of the MUR to collect coupons so the kids can get their wild animal keychain.  They can earn a keychain for every 5 items they sell, just turn in the coupon. This also enters them into the daily prize drawing.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Scot Mehl at

Below is a link to some frequently asked questions.
Believe Kids FAQs
Believe Kids Wild Animal Coupons

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