Sequoia Traffic Etiquette

Parents and caregivers, we need your help! School staff and other parents have noticed an increase in inconsiderate behavior when it comes to our traffic and parking situation and the drop-off/pick-up process. We know it is challenging, there are a lot of cars, and everyone’s time is valuable, but the safety of our children must come first. A few reminders:

  • Please pull all the way forward in the drop-off/pick-up lane to avoid causing increased delays and traffic backing up behind you. The drop-off/pick-up area (Kiss and Drop Zone) is along the sidewalks in front of the MUR and the office, all the way up to the school marquee.
  • Please DO NOT use the inner lane of the parking lot to drop-off/pick-up; doing so is very dangerous for the children who have to cross moving traffic, and it is also inconsiderate to other drivers.
  • Please DO NOT use the inner lane to avoid waiting in line, or to jump into an opening in the drop-off/pick-up lane. The inner lane should only be used to exit the parking lot after you have dropped off or picked up your child(ren).
  • On Boyd Road, please avoid jumping in line in front of other drivers in the line, and please be good neighbors by respecting the “Please do not block the driveway” signs.
  • Do not turn left into the school parking lot from Boyd Road (eastbound) during drop-off/pick-up hours; the Pleasant Hill Police Dept. has a motorcycle officer who will not hesitate to give parents tickets for violating this posted ordinance.
  • Lastly, in the fire lane in front of the school, you may stop or park in the right-side lane against the curb closest to the school building; please DO NOT stop your vehicle in the left-side lane, as this is reserved for through traffic and emergency vehicles.

For more information about our parking procedures, please refer to our Sequoia Handbook.

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