5Th Grade Only Pats due on 12/12/16

Hi 5th Grade parents,

It is now time to submit your 5th Grade Only PAT.  Please submit your PAT and photo to the website by December 12th.

Special 5th Grade Only Pat on the Back includes the following:

  • One student photo of your choice ***
  • One message to your child (the site allows 250 characters, if you need extra characters contact Deanna Gutridge at dag_dee@pacbell.net)
  • Placement in a special 5th Grade Only Pat section in the yearbook

5th Grade Only PATs can still be purchased for $40.

Pat on the Back Photo/Message/Payment Submission Due Date is December 12th

Steps to purchase/submit the 5th Grade Only PAT

  1. Go to the 5th Grade Only PAT Website at         http://www.webcredible.me/se/
  2. Enter information requested.
  3. SUBMIT PHOTO. Upload high quality photo to PAT website OR submit a printed high quality photo by placing it in an envelope with student name and teacher, and return it to the teacher or place it in the 5th Grade PAT envelope in the office. Please do not submit this years’ Lifetouch photo***
  4. Please pay $40.00 by check, if you did not purchase at All In One Day. Write student name on memo line of check and place in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope write “5th Grade PAT”, your students’ name and teacher. Return envelope to your teacher or place in the 5th Grade PAT envelope in the office.

*No copyrighted photos without photo release. Students only, can be any age.  All photos will be approved by the Yearbook Committee. Please provide a head shot for best results.

If you have any questions, please contact Deanna Gutridge, Yearbook Chair at dag_dee@pacbell.net

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