ACE classes begin February 27!

Are you ready? Here are some tips to consider as you prepare:

  • Review class name and location with your student (see *ACE at-a-glance list).
  • Teachers will remind students of classes and locations.
  • The school office will remind students of classes and locations during the first week over the PA system.
  • Except for kinders taking Mini Dojo coding, students are not escorted to classes.
  • ACE vendors will take roll at the beginning of class.
  • Email our ACE chairperson and your instructor if your student will not attend.
  • Update daycare of changes to your schedule.
  • Review where to go after class, HOME or DAYCARE.
  • Be on time when picking up from ACE. Instructors cannot wait for parents.
  • Instruct your student to go to the office or daycare when you’re late.

Send questions to our ACE chairperson.

Welcome to Spring ACE 2017!

* ACE at-a-glance list will be updated with room information by February 26.

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