Our AIOD information page is available!

We have our AIOD page up at the SPA site.  Click through to have a look.  Find important dates, required AIOD forms, volunteer information, and more.  Let us know if you have questions by clicking here to open our contact us form.

We want to stress the importance of submitting online rather than paper forms this year.  In particular, the directory form should be completed online if at all possible.  It is challenging for SPA volunteers to read handwriting on paper forms, so parents submitting online simplifies our process and improves data quality.

Form submissions are encrypted and data is not shared outside of SPA or school staff.

What is the directory?  It is a paper booklet distributed by SPA in September that includes student and family contact information, bell schedule, class makeup, and other important information families reference throughout the school year.

See you at AIOD!

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