Volunteers, get MDUSD approved at our Welcome Back Jamboree!

Attention parents who signed up to volunteer at AIOD. The standard process to get approved for on-site volunteer work involves a 6-8 week fingerprint wait list at the MDUSD office and a TB test (2 doctor visits and 2 co-pays).

Instead, save time by coming to our Welcome Back Jamboree on Friday September 15. Get fingerprinted and fill out a TB risk assessment questionnaire (no need for a doctor visit) at the event. You’ll be approved in 2-3 weeks. Cost is $65, which is what you would pay for doing it the old fashion way.

Also, we are looking for a parent volunteer, a health professional, to sign off on questionnaires, who satisfies the following district requirements:

“The law requires that a health care provider administer this risk assessment. A health care provider, as defined for this purpose, is any organization, facility, institution or person licensed, certified or otherwise authorized or permitted by state law to deliver or furnish health services. Any person administering this risk assessment is to have training in the purpose and significance of the risk assessment and Certificate of Completion.”

Here’s a copy of the TB Risk Assessment Form. Contact SPA here if you’re a health professional and wish to volunteer.

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