Book Fair needs YOUR help!

Greetings, Sequoia Family! We are all excited for the opening of our Book Fair and Movie Night this Friday, Oct 13th.  However, we are in desperate need of additional volunteers to help make sure the Book Fair happens and is successful.  Julia Chen, the Book Fair chairperson, and Mrs. Conner, our librarian, along with other parent volunteers, have been doing great work lining up everything, but they need YOUR help to cover all the shifts and ensure our kids and fellow parents have access to the Book Fair.

Especially for the opening night on Friday, we need more volunteers to run the event; the first night is when we usually make the most sales throughout the Book Fair week.  Besides opening night, we also need at least three volunteers for lunch and after school shifts next week.  If Julia doesn’t have at least three volunteers, then we might not be able to have the Book Fair open for those shifts.

Please take a look at the SignUp Genius link and see where you might be able to help out.  And please contact Julia Chen with any questions.  Thanks so much for your time and support!

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