Gala Donation Competition Update…

Thank you to everyone who has brought in donations so far…  We are way ahead of the pace from last year!  Keep it up!!

Total Value of donations submitted so far:  $8000

Examples of items donated so far: Vineyard wine tasting for 6; Trial memberships at: Marial Arts Center, Club Renaissance, Ultimate Sports, EB Sports Academy…;  Salon sessions;  Kid’s camps;  Sequoia Day Care Summer Sessions;  Photography Sessions; Signed Golden State Warriors memorabilia;  Tour of Pixar Campus;  Bottles of Wine;  Gift certificates.

Leading Classes in the Competition:  Torchia and Heaney (Way out in front).

Trailing behind with at least 3 donations each: Conrad, Gayrard, Kremer, Smith (Kinder)

More info:

Next Donation Station: Wednesday 12/13

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