Gala Volunteers NEEDED!

Our Emerald & Gold Gala is this Saturday!  Personally I’m pretty excited and I know a lot of other people are too.  Lisa Larsgaard has done an amazing amount of work getting all the decorations ready but we need your help to set everything up so that we aren’t rushing up to the last minute.  The more volunteers we have the quicker we can get done and allow everyone plenty of time to get ready for the event and have a great time!  Please click on this link “Gala Volunteers” and signup to help either Friday night or Saturday!

We also need volunteers to work the Galas for Hidden Valley Elementary (3/24) and Pleasant Hill Elementary (4/27).  Both schools have committed to send 10 volunteers to our Gala to help our event run smoothly Saturday night.  Let’s make sure we help with theirs too! Gala VolunteersThank you for all your help!!
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