Fund-a-Need: There’s still time to contribute!

For those of you who were unable to attend the Gala, we want to give you the opportunity to participate in this year’s Fund-a-Need Campaign: Technology Improvements for Sequoia!  Please click here for more information and to make your donation.

Please support our 2018 Fund-a-Need Campaign by making a secure 100% tax deductible donation now. Help us raise money to replace the old computers in our computer labs with state-of-the-art Chromebooks!


What is Fund-a-Need?
The basic idea of a Fund-a-Need effort is to have donors contribute funds towards a specific, urgent cause, purpose, or service at our school. Each year, the Principal, in coordination with the SPA Board, selects the project for our Fund-a-Need Campaign.

Our “Fund-a-Need Campaign” during the Live Auction is always raucous and inspiring, as we join together with donations of all sizes to support our children’s education. You still have the opportunity to help us make this year’s goal a reality by donating online to support Technology Improvements for Sequoia!

Technology engages students, takes them to the next level of classroom engagement and academic curiosity, and helps them meet the stringent demands of common-core instruction.

This year, your Fund-a-Need support will enable us to replace the antiquated computers in our computer labs with state-of-the-art Chromebooks. All classes at our school visit our labs weekly to take online diagnostics, work on presentations/projects, conduct research, and work on iReady and other educational websites. Our children also use these computers for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), the test that assesses their mastery of standard skills and knowledge, and is also used to compare our school to others in the State. Our teachers and students are frustrated with our current computers, which very slow and “glitchy” devices. To update the computer lab, we need 40 new Chromebook laptops.

Our teachers and students prefer Chromebooks as the optimal tool for “blended learning” (the melding of instruction by the teacher and educational software). Let’s provide these resources so that we can keep our children engaged in learning, and keep rocking those impressive and enviable test scores!

We would also like to purchase some additional accessories and software, to maximize our school’s use of these new computers. Our students and teachers will be immensely grateful and excited to get new computers that actually work, and that will enable them to achieve at the highest level!

You can make all of possible by generously supporting the Fund- a-Need campaign and surging our school into 21st-century learning! Please help us achieve these goals by donating today!

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