HOPE Food Drive

MDUSD’s Homeless Outreach Program for Education or HOPE provides assistance to hundreds of students in grades K-12 who are homeless.  We would like to do a small part in helping by doing a food drive at AIOD.  The food will be distributed by MDUSD to those students in need.

The types of food needed are:
Instant Mac & Cheese, Cup-A-Noodles, Tuna/Crackers (ready to eat containers), Instant Soups, Peanut Butter or Cheese Crackers, Jerky, Instant Oatmeal Packet (just add water), Hot Chocolate Packet (just add water), Healthy Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Breakfast Bars, Fruit Rollups or Fruit Snacks, Nuts, Fruit or Pudding Cups, Raisins, Cookies, Juice Boxes, Capri Suns, Bottled Water.

Click the HOPE Program Brochure to learn more
If you’d wish to make a monetary donation please click this link: MDUSD Donation 

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