Learn Negative Effects of Social Media (Parent Course) with Josh from SmartSocial.com

Learn Negative Effects of Social Media (Parent Course)
An online session by Josh from SmartSocial.com

Wednesday, August 15th at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern)  – Live online safety session for parents and educators.

This free session will cover:

  • Frustrations parents have with social media and screen time (and what parents are searching for online)
  • How screen time addiction affects students
  • 3 step plan for overcoming social media addiction (and using screen time as a purpose instead of a pass time)
  • Ways for parents to prevent screen time addiction
  • FOMO definition, warning signs and safety tips
  • Gamification definition
  • Cyber Bullying warning signs and tips
  • How to set a good example for your kids online
  • Josh answer’s questions: Bring your questions and I’ll answer them live in Facebook

1) WATCH FOR FREE ON FACEBOOK: The class will be LIVE and hosted in our Facebook group FOR FREE https://www.facebook.com/events/2141935319428528/

2) PRE RECORDED: You can get immediate access to a recorded version of this video here: https://learn.smartsocial.com/courses/negative-effects-social-media

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