School Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

A great flyer came out from the District this week about School Traffic & Pedestrian Safety; please review it with your children, plus any other family members or caregivers who drop off or pick up at school.

In addition, please review the Sequoia Parking Lot Procedures document that was included in the All-in-One Day packets.  Remember that there are no left turns allowed into the school parking lot during drop off or pick up times, and there is no parent parking in the school lot.  Please share this with other drivers and caregivers, as well.

School staff would appreciate parents NOT walking their children to the classrooms starting on Monday.  Also, parents should NOT be dropping children off in the morning before 7:45am, as there is no supervision available to ensure the safety of their children.

Please also remember to use cross walks when crossing the street, especially at those busiest times.  Jaywalking is dangerous, can hold up already congested vehicle traffic, and sets a negative example for our children.

Thank you for your kind attention and support!

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