Sequoia Elementary Principal Search Update

I realized over the last week that the District has not shared much information with parents about our principal situation.  Our interim principal is Ms. Bernie Yeghoian, who is filling in while the District goes through the interview and hiring process to fill the permanent position.  Hopefully many of you met Bernie at Back to School Night this past week.

Approximately 10-15 parents met with a representative from the District back on August 6th to discuss qualities and qualifications that parents feel are important in our next principal.  The District rep had a similar meeting with our teachers and staff.

Candidates for the principal were interviewed on Friday, August 24th.  There were teacher and parent representatives on the interview panel, as well as District, administrator, and union reps.  From what I have heard, the plan is for the candidates who were forwarded from those interviews to be interviewed again by the School Board.  The appointment of the new principal is on the agenda for the School Board meeting on Monday evening, August 27th; hopefully a candidate will have been chosen, but there is always a possibility that the decision and announcement might be delayed.  The District hopes to select a final candidate and get Board approval by the end of this month or early in September.

Thanks to everyone for supporting Sequoia through this transition!
— Derek Mims, SPA President

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