Volunteer Fast Track at Jamboree Friday, 9/7

Come get fast-tracked to be a volunteer this Friday at the Welcome Back Jamboree!  Save yourself a 4-8 week delay (if you do it through the district).  No need for a TB test appointment with your doctor, either.

  • Cost is $60 each.  Couples (or two friends) are $100 for two.
  • Please fill out and bring this Application for Live Scan with you to the Jamboree.
  • We also need volunteers to help complete and sign the TB Questionnaire form.

The law requires that a health care provider administer this risk assessment. A health care provider, as defined for this purpose, is any organization, facility, institution or person licensed, certified, or otherwise authorized or permitted by state law to deliver or furnish health services. Any person administering this risk assessment is to have training in the purpose and significance of the risk assessment and Certificate of Completion.

Thank you!

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