This week all students should be bringing home a SPELL-A-THON packet. While the test date is not until Thursday, January 17, 2019, both the SPA Board and the Sequoia staff wanted to give the students plenty of time to collect pledges and study the words. For those of you who are new to Sequoia, this is a unique way of raising funds for our school, in addition to showing students the importance of correct spelling.  Spelling words are chosen from grade level spelling lists, with bonus words from the next grade’s list. Academic and social areas of our curriculum that are incorporated into the Spell-A-Thon are:

Language Arts:       Listening, reading, writing

Mathematics:          Computing the amount pledged by the number of words spelled correctly for each sponsor

Personal Growth:   Self-esteem, interaction between individuals


Because we do want the students to experience a sense of success, the Spell-A-Thon word lists are most likely easier than what your student brings home on a weekly basis. This year, we are once again having bonus words (picked from the next grade’s list of words) that the student may try as a challenge. As an added incentive to learn the bonus words, the student can get “bonus word pledges”. However, because the bonus words are voluntary, the Spelling Excellence grade winners will be calculated using the standard list of words.


Students are encouraged to obtain pledges from sponsors for this fundraiser using the enclosed sponsor sheet. Sponsors can be parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, and neighbors. Elementary students are not encouraged to perform door-to-door solicitation. Students are encouraged to collect either per-correct-word pledges or set-amount pledges. Because no goods are being purchased or sold, all pledges are fully tax-deductible. For any individual pledges over $100, the donor will receive a receipt for the pledge. For any pledges under $100, the cancelled check will serve as the receipt.

The money collected from this fundraiser will be used to continue our teacher support with teaching assistants, classroom grants, field trip support, and new classroom study aids (readers, literature, videos, musical aids, computers, etc.).

More details regarding the 2018/2019 Spell-a-thon are in the packet.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Sequoia Elementary School.

Delia (Dee Dee) Tully

Diana Carcamo

Toni Shay

Spell-A-Thon Chairpersons


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