Will you be in the room where it happens?

Are you coming to the biggest Sequoia social event of the year? Are you excited to raise a bunch of money for our kids? Remember, history has its eyes on you. And one last time, are you a fan of a certain award-winning musical about one of our founding fathers?

Then you’re not helpless! You want to be there for the live auction at the Gala; it’s going to be non-stop excitement! Wait for it … Up for bid will be four tickets to the performance of “Hamilton” in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, March 10th. We know you don’t want to throw away your shot! Clear your calendar now and get ready to bid!

Not going to the gala? You may be wondering “what’d I miss?” But you can still be satisfied; you could always get a friend to act as your right hand man and bid on your behalf. People will be telling the story of tonight for years, and that would be enough!

One last time, this show is bound to blow us all away. You can’t say no to this! I just wonder what comes next in the live auction?

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