Fund-a-Need Campaign 2019

If you were unable to attend this year’s gala, you can still be a part of this year’s Fund-a-Need Campaign!  Each year, Sequoia educators and parents brainstorm to determine the goal of our Fund-a-Need project.  This year, your Fund-a-Need support will enable us to pursue a number of initiatives promoting Emergency Preparedness, Communication, and Connectivity at Sequoia.
Specifically, we want to purchase emergency supply kits for each of our classrooms, as well as some school-wide supplies to be used in the event of a natural disaster. We also hope to be able to purchase walkie-talkies for each of our teachers, in order to facilitate communications both during normal day-to-day operations and in case of emergency.
Another specific goal of this year’s Fund-a-Need campaign is to purchase a digital marquee for the school, to replace the manual one we currently have and facilitate timely and accurate communication within our community. If funds allow, we would also like to improve the WiFi connectivity and infrastructure on campus to support increasing needs.
You can make all of this possible by generously supporting this year’s Fund-a-Need campaign and ushering our school community into the 21st-century of communication and preparedness!
Please visit and help us reach our goal!


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