MDUSD HomeLink Accounts

New this year, parents of elementary school students are being asked to create an MDUSD HomeLink account (or add current elementary students to your existing account). You should have received a letter with instructions when you registered your child(ren), either at AIOD or in the office.

A number of people have had difficulty with this process, so here’s some helpful additional info. There are several things to know about Homelink:

1.  There are three things that the parent needs to create a parent portal account:

  • The student ID number (printed on your instruction letter)
  • The PRIMARY phone number on the student’s MDUSD Aeries account
  • The Verification code (VPC) for the student (printed on your instruction letter)

2.  You must use the parent portal link from the MDUSD home page (ot the Student account login). The parent portal link defaults to a parent account. Go to to get started.

The most common reason that the account creation (or linking a new student) does not work is that parents are using the wrong phone number and not matching the Primary Phone number that is listed on the main demographics page for the student. Once the account is created, parents can change this number if needed, but they must match that phone number to create (or link) the account.

If you are having trouble with this process, please try using alternate phone numbers that may be listed as Primary on your student’s account. You can also contact the school office to confirm your Primary phone number.

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