Volunteer Support Page

New SPA Board Member To-Do List:

  1. Request access to SPA online folders ( how-to guide ).
  2. Request access to the SPA Slack space ( how-to guide ) .
  3. Request credentials for any needed SPA common email account ( e.g., ACE, Gala, etc. )
  4. Read historical minutes, eBlasts, and posts ( go to the SPA website and click on a category to see all posts for that category – check out AIOD )
  5. Review your SPA website event/program page ( check out STEM ) and suggest updates for the coming year ( send to SPA secretary ).
  6. Bookmark our online Expense Reimbursement Form on your mobile.

Important Links

  • eBlast archive at MailChimp (last 20 newsletters in your web browser)
  • SPA Activities Calendar Form ( data ) – Use to log actions you’ve taken in running your program. We take your entries and add them to our activities calendar. This helps us keep continuity from year to year as new board members take over.
  • Volunteer Opportunities Form ( data )– Send your volunteers or new volunteers here to capture their contact information and to make sure they get credit for their support. Use this form to log volunteer information on the fly (works on mobile).
  • SPA Common Email Account Use Form – Use to tell us how you’ve used a generic SPA account (e.g., sequoiaace@gmail.com). Make sure to add password hints but not actual passwords.
  • Lessons Learned Log From ( data ) – Use this form to capture things you learn when running your program or event. Again, this helps with continuity year after year.
  • SPA Vendor List ( data ) – Use this form to register new vendors used in your SPA program or event. Complete the form as fully as possible. If the vendor is in support of more than one program or event, make a note in comments.

Key Documents

See the How-Tos