Campus Improvement

This committee organizes and supports the overall improvements of our campus. Each year, time, effort, and money are dedicated to create an environment conducive to learning and enjoyment. SPA continues to devote efforts to improve landscaping and garden areas, campus improvement projects, and coordination of summer watering for our gardens and landscape.
Following are some of the projects this committee has organized:
  • Library and Technology Lab expansion and interior design/decorating
  • Purchase and installation of Kindergarten picnic tables
  • Teachers’ lounge remodel
  • Window blinds for school office, teachers’ lounge, and speech therapy room
  • Landscaping improvements at school office courtyard
  • Mural on outside wall of the Multi-Use Room
  • Miscellaneous painting projects
  • Make-a-Difference Cleanup Day
  • Replacement of garden flowers and shrubs
We strive to help keep the campus a place the kids can be proud of.