Emergency Preparedness

A call out for water!

Stocking up on Emergency Water Supplies

As SPA has supported many events over the past school years, we have depleted the supply of water bottles (at or near expiration dates) that were kept in reserve in the SPA bin.

In order to rebuild our Reserve / Emergency Water supply with fresh resources, we would like to request that Sequoia families donate enough water to result in two to three cases (36 bottles) being available for each classroom and in the office.

Please use the following form to request water donations from stores.

Sequoia Bottled Water Donation Request 2017

With recent events impacting schools around the nation, having an Emergency Water supply will assist Sequoia Elementary School in being able to have everyone on school grounds “shelter in place” if necessary.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this effort!


The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) site www.ready.gov

The San Francisco Emergency Preparedenss site www.sf72.org/