Outdoor Education Fundraising – Gift Cards

Outdoor Ed Fundraising


Several families have asked about ordering online. We have set up the account so that you are now able to do so. To order:

1. Go to ShopWithScrip.com and click on the green “Sign Up” box.
2. Fill in the form and follow the simple registration instructions.
3. Enter SPA’s Enrollment Code: 2938471L18L9.
4. Place your order.
5. To pay:  Either use the convenient Presto Pay* option to directly debit your account or
Submit a check (made out to SPA and indicating your order information) in the Gift Card Fundraiser envelope in the office.  If you pay online, please allow 2-3 days for the bank to validate your payment.

It’s easy and convenient! For friends and family ordering from out of town, their cards will come with your order here at the school. Orders are due November 20, and gift cards will be distributed the first week of December, giving you plenty of time to distribute them to both local and out-of-town family and friends who place orders through you as well!

For those placing paper orders, additional forms will be available in the office. More merchants are available at [https://www.shopwithscrip.com/Shop/Product/Browse#?saved].

If you have any questions, please contact Connie Anderson at email.from.connie@gmail.com or Jenn Moore at mooregirl@gmail.com.