Yearbook FAQ

When are Yearbooks distributed?

Yearbooks are distributed at Day on the Green in June, usually the next-to-last day of school for the year. The Yearbooks are delivered to your child’s classroom, and students will be allowed to bring them out with them at lunch recess. They will eat their lunch on the lawn portion of the play yard that day.

How much are Yearbooks?

Yearbooks are $30. At All-in-One-Day, they were available for $25. 

How do I purchase a yearbook?

Yearbooks can be purchased at AIOD for $25.  After AIOD, yearbooks will be $30 and can purchased online:

Please contact us if you have question about other payment options.

How many Yearbooks may I purchase?

We have not set a limit on the number of Yearbooks one can purchase in the past. Generally, families decide whether they want to purchase one Yearbook for the family or one for each child. Some families opt to purchase Yearbooks for each household in which the child lives or for an extended family member. How many to purchase is your choice.

What is a Pat on the Back?

A Pat on the Back is a short (200 characters or less) note to your child(ren) or to a staff member commenting on their school year. Generally, parents praise their child(ren) for their accomplishments and encourage them to continue their good work in their new grade in the Fall.

How do I submit and pay for a Pat on the Back?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the “online parent payment link”
  3. For a Small Pat (K-5th grade, no picture):
  • Enter pay code – 86563
  • Choose the love lines
  • Choose your teacher
  • Pay and enter your message

   K-5th grade Small Pats are $10; this link will close on February 15th, 2018

  1. For a Large Pat (5th grade only, picture included):
  • Enter pay code – 88749
  • Choose the love lines
  • Choose your teacher
  • Pay and enter your message

5th grade only Large Pats are $40; this link will close on November 30th, 2017

You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your pat purchase.  5th grade parents will be contacted by the yearbook staff later in the year for a picture to include with your pat.

What if I purchase an Auction Pat?

An Auction Pat is an item bid on at our annual auction, and as such, the price varies. Winning bidders receive these Pats in the following years’ yearbook (for example, if you win the auction item in 2017, it will be designed for the 2017-2018 yearbook).  This Pat is a ¼-page Pat with a message of your choice and includes photos and clip-art. This Pat is normally completed in February/March; a yearbook designer will contact the winning family and work with them to design this Pat.

Auction Pats are normally paid for via the Online or Silent Auction checkout process.  If not, you may write a check to SPA for each Pat purchased. Write in the Memo line the number of Pats you are purchasing, your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and grade. Place the check in an envelope marked “SEQUOIA ELEMENTARY YEARBOOK” and deliver it to the front office or have your child give it to his/her teacher. You can combine yearbook and Pat purchases on a single check.

Can I address multiple children on a single Pat?

Yes, you can address your Pat to as many children as you desire. Please remember that character count limits still apply.

Can I purchase a Yearbook without a Pat?

Yes, you can purchase these items separately.

How can I help?

The Yearbook is a product of many volunteer hours from both teachers and parents. Volunteers help us in three different ways, as Photographers, Class Page Designers, and Event Page Designers.

Photographers. We need photographers willing to photograph events and share their pictures with us. We rely on parents and teachers to take the photos that appear in the Yearbook (except for the portraits and panoramic shots that we get from Life Touch, our school photographers). Although we assign a volunteer to cover school-wide events, we do not assign anyone to photograph class activities. You may notice pictures of “Walk Through the Revolution” or Valentine’s Day parties in our Yearbook. Those photos were taken by parents whose children were in those classes. Teacher and parent photos are invaluable to us.

Class Page Designers. We need one or more parent volunteers to design the class Candid page for each of our classes. This person is responsible for designing the 2-page spread that highlights a particular classroom. You will work with the teacher to make sure each child’s name is matched to his/her picture and that the name is correct. Then arrange candid photos on the facing page with hopefully equal representation of each child in the class.

Event Page Designers. These people design the Yearbook pages that display our students at school-wide events.

How do you design pages for the Yearbook?

We use all digital photos and a web-based program to design our Yearbook. Anyone working on the Yearbook will be given the password for our account. Using the web-based software, we design our yearbook to reflect our school. Yearbook coordinators assign pages, portrait layouts and Pat page layouts. All other layouts are at the whims of the volunteer working on that particular page.

Do you provide training?

Our Yearbook company provides us with online tutorials. For many, that is enough to learn the basics. For those who need additional assistance, one of the coordinators will be happy to personalize your training session if requested. The Yearbook site works like many of the sites that make scrapbooks or photo books. We have more flexibility than the other sites, but we use the design elements in a similar way.

Are there any restrictions on photographs?

Yes. We try very hard not to include children who are not students at Sequoia Elementary and we do not include any parents (exceptions are made for those teaching After Class Enrichment courses and anyone who is part of a presentation such as a guest speaker). This is a Yearbook for the students of Sequoia, so we choose photos that highlight our students and our staff members. If your photo includes non-student children or adults, we will crop the picture if we choose to use it. Please note that we receive more photos than we can include in our Yearbook. We try to show a variety of students enjoying life at Sequoia.

How can I submit photos?

Please burn your photos to a CD and label the CD with the class teacher, room number and event as well as your contact information (we’ll use that only if we cannot access your photos). Place the CD in the SPA box in the Copy Cats Room under the Yearbook tab or ask the ladies in the front office to do that for you. You may also deliver it to your child’s teacher with instructions to place it in the Yearbook mailbox. If you know the volunteer for your class, you may also hand your CD to that person.

What is the time commitment for volunteers?

Other than photographing events, each page takes from 4-8 hours to construct, once the photos are uploaded. Volunteers new to the program may need more time. Photo uploading can be time consuming and it is hard to estimate the time required for that function. Completed pages are due by late March, so most of our volunteers are busiest from January to March.

Do I need MDUSD clearance to volunteer?

  • Yes, if you are photographing students.
  • No, if you are working with photos on the Yearbook site.

What if I have more yearbook questions or how can I volunteer?

Contact our yearbook coordinators, Amy Hatlen and Sarah Padgham, using our yearbook contact us form.

Volunteering on the Yearbook Committee is perfect for anyone who loves to take photos or loves to scrapbook!