SPA collects data to support events, fundraising, and programs. We make use of Google Forms for the service’s easy of use and security features. All collection occurs through a secure browser connection and, once collected, all data is stored with encryption. Your data is handled with care and is only shared with third parties when a SPA program requires it. Of course, families are informed and given an option to opt out before any data sharing occurs.

Auction-Gala Donation Form ( Google Form )
Use this form to submit Sequoia auction and gala donations. Have those donating submit in as many cases as possible. If the paper form is used, transcribe the information in this form, making sure to add your email address as the person completing the submission.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities Form ( Google Form )
WE NEED YOU! Parent volunteers help us to accomplish our educational programs, school events, fundraisers, and other projects that benefit Sequoia. Even if you work full time, many of the committees have evening or weekend opportunities. This is a great way to meet other parents, work together towards a common goal and be a part of the wonderful Sequoia community!

STEM Fair Student Entry From ( Google Form )
Use this form to register for the Sequoia Elementary STEM Fair. Register at any time during the new school year and submit a second form (or click on the edit link in the your submission receipt) if your topic changes. Only your most recent edit/submission will be used on event day.

AIOD Student Directory Form ( Google Form )
Use this form to provide SPA with your student directory information. We compile entries after AIOD and distribute to families in a paper pamphlet in September.