The Sequoia annual Spell-A-Thon is one of SPA’s largest fundraisers, raising nearly 17% of the board’s annual operating income. It is a fun event, open to K-5 grades, that also emphasizes the importance of good spelling!

The fundraiser is designed so that family members, relatives, close friends, and businesses may sponsor a child. By the word or a flat donation, as little or as much as can be afforded can be pledged, and donations are fully deductible! Spelling words are chosen from grade-level spelling list, with bonus words from the next grade’s list. Academic and social areas of our curriculum are incorporated, including:

Language Arts: Listening, reading, and writing
Mathematics: Computing pledges by number of words spelled correctly for each sponsor
Personal Growth: Self-esteem and interaction between individuals

If you’d like to join the fun to help deliver a great experience for families and students, sign up using SPA’s online Google volunteer form (supply your contact info and choose “Spell-A-Thon” from the list of volunteer opportunities).

2018-19 Spell-A-Thon Files

Kindergarten Words
1st Grade Words
2nd Grade Words
3rd Grade Words
4th Grade Words
5th Grade Words
2018-19 Pledge Sheet

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