One School, One Book

March 1-29, 2018

In cooperation with our SPA, and Sequoia Elementary Staff, we are thrilled to announce the kick-off to our “One School, One Book” Reading Campaign 2018!

This is our first year of launching this program as a way to continue our school’s vision of helping students to build rich literacy skills at home, as well as at school. Every family is encouraged to read the same book, at the same time. This campaign engages families in the joy of reading quality literature with each other, and completing fun, challenging, and enriching activities for one calendar month.

Save Me a Seat bookThis year we have selected a fun, playful, enjoyable story called “Save Me A Seat” by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan.

Thanks to our SPA, every student will be provided a free copy of the book! Many fun activities are planned throughout the month of March (please see calendar), along with certificates of completion and prizes to be awarded for completing chapters on time. Students who complete the entire book will have their names entered into a drawing for a chance to win a great prize!

Important dates to remember for One School, One Book in the month of March are:

  • March 1st: Books sent home with students (every student gets a copy)
  • Beginning March 9th, and every Friday in March, turn in your chapter completion certificates
  • Every Friday in March, a prize winner will be drawn from the certificates turned in (one per grade level and announced each Friday afternoon)
  • March 29th: Last Day to finish the book and turn in your “I read the whole book” certificate to enter the Grand Prize drawing on Thursday, March 29th

Please contact Mrs. Conner or Mrs. Shay with any questions.

Thanks for participating, and happy reading!

One School, One Book Files
2018 One School One Book Calendar
Weekly Certificates of Completion
Entire Book Completion Certificate
“Save Me a Seat” study guide and discussion questions